Canon raw (`.cr2`) file preview in xfce (update #1)

Canon raw (.cr2) file preview in xfce (update #1)

canon xfce 16.04 18.04

This post is an updated version of that one.

It’s possible to preview canon raw images (.cr2) in thunar :

sudo apt-get install tumbler-plugins-extra

Then logoff and in again to make it work.

Image viewer (for a quick review and erase)

Since I use xfce, I tested ristretto, and it doesn’t show .cr2 image, probably due to a bug.

I tested mirage, but it does not automatically rotates images…

I tested nomacs, for some reason it does not preload the raw images (it takes 4 seconds to change to the next image).

And now I use geequie.

Image mangagement

I use darktable. for developing my raw files.


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