cli - my tips and tricks

cli - my tips and tricks

Welcome to my blog, I use it as a notebook for storing and sharing commands I don't use everyday.
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gpg encrypt/decrypt with a passphrase

ubuntu gpg rfc2119

Sometimes you’ve got some files that you don’t want to lose, for instance private keys (think of gpg and Google authenticator), so I store them in multiple places (to be sure that I won’t lose the file) and encrypted since I can’t keep an eye on every place I put my files.

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I consider my data important, and since I tend to making fun of guys who lose their data*1, I take special care of my data. HDD tends to fail, computer can be stolen and cryptoviruses tend to encrypt hard drives, disasters happen.

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ubuntu root on LVM over RAID1 degraded boot

ubuntu 16.04 18.04 ximport raid-lvm

BOOT_DEGRADED has no effect when using LVM

It seems that using LVM over RAID will always try to boot, no matter how BOOT_DEGRADED is configured. Removing a disk from the running system will put the array in degraded state, and a reboot at this point will work fine, even if this is somehow risky to boot on a degraded array.

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