Canon remote footswitch

Canon remote footswitch


Here is how to trigger a Canon camera with a E3 (2.5 mm jack) trigger.


  • Hama Connection Adapter Cable for Canon “DCCSystem” CA-1 (hama #00005204)
  • Hama Extension Cable for “DCCSystem”, 5 m, (hama #00005215)
  • Sparkfun foot pedal switch (sparkfun #COM-11192)

Canon E3 pinout (2.5mm jack - 3 poles)

Pin Function
1 (tip) Trigger
2 Focus
3 n.c (there is only 3 wires in the cable!)

Hama DCCSystem pinout (2.5mm jack - 4 poles)

Pin Function Color
1 (tip) Trigger Red
2 Focus Green
3 n.c No wire
4 GND Blue


  1. Open the foot pedal switch, remove the existing cable
  2. Cut the extension cable, the interesting part is the female one.
  3. Solder the green and red wire together then to the first pole of the switch in the pedal.
  4. Solder the blue wire to the other side of the switch.
  5. Close the pedal
  6. Enjoy!


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