Find a device on the network, knowing it's MAC address

Find a device on the network, knowing it’s MAC address

ximport ubuntu raspberry network

Here is how to find a device IP address on a DHCP network, knowing only it’s MAC address, an open TCP port and our own IP on the network.

  • Look at the device MAC address, here I’m searching for a raspberry PI, so I know it will start with b8:27:eb.
  • Put the empty file named ssh on the boot partition of the raspberry PI to enable ssh.
  • Detect a host running ssh on the network :
    nmap -p 22 --open X.X.X.0/24
  • Search the know host in the ARP table:
    arp -a | grep b8:27:eb
    ? (X.X.X.95) at b8:27:eb:YY:YY:YY [ether] on br0


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