ubuntu 18.04 server backup with rsync

ubuntu 18.04 server backup with rsync

ubuntu 18.04 hw2018 server backup

This is the second post about running ubuntu 18.04 on my server, if you look at the previous post, the server is ready for use, with snapshot configured and almost nothing more.

So it’s a good time to setup backups.

There are plenty of tools for backuping a btrfs file system, but let’s do it the old way, using rsync.

rsync - a complicated beast

rsync is so powerfull and so easy to mess with, that I have written a configurable script, available on github here.


I use backup.sh together with a configuration file to do my backups. Here are some configuration sample files:


usage: ./backup.sh [config_file] (or backup.cfg)

Configuration file

Sample configuration files are documented, see backup.cfg.sample-local and backup.cfg.sample-remote

Now that our server has a decent backup, let’s configure the network.


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